WE as Free & Accepted Masons are taught at the beginning of our values of being a true Mason is to look after our Masonic Brother and their widows. It’s one our best fulfillment to one of our avowed obligations to one another; it will be such, an honor, delightful and a full satisfaction of a great demonstration of our Masonic Brotherhood to behold.

This Masonic Widow Program is to help our Lodge to keep in touch with our fallen brother widow and to show her, that she is still a vital part of our lodge.  We know how w important it is to keep in touch with them.  To let her know that the time she shared with her husband Masonry isn’t something she only had with her husband but with the lodge also.

In adopting a Masonic Widow Program will help the lodge to do it’s best to keep in touch with the Brother Widow.  In some cases we will lose all contact with the widow after the brother passing. Some are at no fault of our own and some may be of her own choosing...  She might feel that her time, with her husband in Masonry, is something she did just for him.  Others are because we didn’t do our part in keeping in touch with or having something more for them and to  show them that they a part of the lodge.  By having this program in place will help us to keep in touch with them and offer any assistance to them.









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1.0 Purpose


This  Masonic  Widows Project is dedicated  to the old and  new generation of those who have lost the heroes, love ones  of yesterday, today and tomorrow, with an emphasis on healing through sharing stories, tears and laughter………Masonic Widow to Masonic Widow.

We are taught as a core value in Freemasonry to look after our Masonic brethren and their families. Extend a hand of fellowship, guidance and assistance to the widow.  Thus to let her know that she is remember, not forgotten and that she still belongs to our Masonic Family.


2.0  Scope

To provide a program with appropriate material that will enable each individual Mason in of Daylight Lodge 760 F &AM in the State of Kentucky to demonstrate his fidelity to the obligation he took upon himself to help, aid and assist our Masonic widows.

When it comes to a Masonic Widow there are cases when they will lose all contact with the lodge after their love ones dies.  It may be of her; own doing. She might look at her time in the Masonic light as something she only had with her husband.

Adopting an active widow program can ensure that the lodge does in fact stays in touch with the brother widow; and offer any assistance to the said widow if the need should arise.

3.0  Related Document

3.1 The Broken Column


3.2 Widows Certificate

3.3 Chaplain Letter

3.4 Grand Lodge Letter

4.0   Definitions

4.1 Broken Column: The broken column memorializes the end of our earthly life.  Surrounding the broken column; are acacia leaves, symbolic of our eternal life.

4.2 Widows Certificate: Certificate of Remembrances.

4.3 Chaplin Letter: A letter from the Lodge Chaplin to convey our Swore and Sympathy.

5.0 Procedure

5.1. – Maintain the list:  Secretary will compile a list of all Masonic widows of the Brethren who has passed away. He will also notify the Grand Lodge of deceased brethren.  Provide clerical support and brothers’ data when needed.

5.2. – Reestablish: Worshipful Master will contact with the widows of a fallen brethren to write a personal note to each widow and hope that she is doing well and provide her with a lodge point of contact to all widows who live locally.

5.2a – Widows who live some distance from the Lodge:  The Secretary should contact the Grand Lodge Secretary or a Masonic lodge that she lives closest to; and request them to keep in contact with her.

5.3 – Establish contact with a new widow : Worshipful Master will contact the widow as soon as he learn of the death of a fallen Brethren, and express to her our condolence and she is if there is anything that we can do to help.

5.4. – Maintain continuing contact: Schedule personal contact or visit with the widows at least four or five times a year to ensure that they are in good health and is there anything that we could do within reason.

5.5 – Planned Activity: A Program Design for our Special Ladies (Our Masonic Widow)

Invitations:  Mail at least one month prior to the date of the event (like all of us, they may have prior commitments). Please hand write your letter of invitation (optional), we prefer that you do not use a form letter. Try to give each letter that special personal touch. You may want to obtain the help of your wives or daughters in writing these letters.
Transportation:  Ensure that transportation to and from their home is provided. Always arrange to have friends or relatives (not strangers) bring her to the event. In your follow-up visit as noted in your invitation to those that have written that they will not be able to attend, see if you can determine the reason for their absence.  It may be caused by some physical hardship and may bring to light instances where the Loved Ladies team can help in their future Lodge program.
Greeters:  Select greeters to meet our honored guests at the door, pin corsages or (your choice) issue nameplates and printed programs. Make every effort to introduce them to others that have arrived, make them feel at home, and encourage them to socialize with one another.
Program:  Prepare a simple program booklet, attractive enough for a souvenir (it does not need to be overly elaborate.).
Entertainment:  Present an enjoyable evening, and try to limit the time to an hour or hour and a half, so as not to become overwhelming or exhaustive. Barbershop groups and musical interludes have a good track record for working well. Try to avoid long speeches, monologues, slideshows, and lengthy plays, etc. Be considerate of the ages of your guests.
Dinner:  When home cooked and prepared by the Lodge officers with love, it becomes more meaningful to all. Endeavor to involve as many members as you can in the kitchen and in serving the meal. Try to be selective of the menu, by taking into consideration older adults that have dietary medical issues like diabetes, low sodium diets, dairy-free diets, etc.
Tickets:  Keep the price within reason (this event is NOT a Fund Raiser). Expenses may be correctly taken from the general expense account of the Lodge. Free tickets should be given to honored guests (Special Ladies, Grand Master or Deputy Grand Master, the Clergy, Guest Speaker and their wives).
Seating arrangements for dinner:  Arrange tables with place settings and table decorations, etc. Do not crowd tables with too many seats. The use of paper plates or plastic utensils should be avoided. Provide place cards for head table only. Honored guests should be seated with their friends and/or wherever they wish.
Lodge Hall:  Arrange special seats for the guests, facing the East, and in front of the Altar. Seats should be tagged in alphabetical sequence. Arrange seats in semi-circles, allowing aisle space for the Grand Master and Worshipful Master to personally greet each widow. The designated Master of Ceremonies will call roll as the Special Ladies are greeted.  Those not able to attend will have their responses read, or their address given or some positive comments shared about the absentee with the audience.
Follow-up (day after event): Assign a team or Lodge member to visit the Special Ladies who did not attend the event. Present her with a corsage, nameplate, and/or program and a list of the entire lodge Special Ladies together with their addresses and telephone numbers. Tell her about the occasion, who was there, people she might know, etc. Leave a card with names and phone numbers of whom to call in case a need arises or they should want information. Do not say "call so and so". Please provide a business-type card containing the name, address and telephone number of the person to contact in case of an emergency. This gives them an opportunity to carry it or leave it conveniently by a phone for future reference.
6.0   Responsibilities
6.1 Worshipful Master

6.1a Will contact the widow of a fallen brother, and see if there is any that the lodge can do, to assist the widow.

6.1b Supervising the widow program.

6.1c The Newly Installed Master will appoint a Committee to provide Masonic Benevolence and assistance for the widow.

6.2 Secretary

6.2a Secretary will compile a list of all Masonic brother in need of assistance and widows of the Brethren who has passed away.

6.2b He will compile two listing one being local and one for those that are aboard and out of State.

6.2c Secretary will contact a lodge nearest where the brother has moved too. And ask for their assistant in the widow program.


6.3 Chaplin


6.3a Will send out a letter Respect of Resolution. And he will also follow up to see what the lodge can do to help in her time of swore.

6.3b He will compile two listing one being local and one for those that are aboard and out of State.

6.2c Secretary will contact a lodge nearest where the brother has moved too. And ask for their assistant in the widow program.

7.0 Masonic Funeral

7.1 Conducting the Masonic Funeral Service for the family of a deceased Brother is both an honor and a duty of all Freemasons.

7.2 Many members may express interest in having his Lodge perform a Masonic funeral upon their death. This is your right as a Mason. But how does one go about making this preparation and where can such a service take place? First, a Masonic funeral is held at the request of a departed Brother or his family.

7.2a Second, the service may be held in a chapel, church, synagogue or Lodge room with committal at graveside, or the complete service can be performed at any of the aforementioned places without a separate, committal. Also, a memorial service may be requested; however, you should make your wishes known to your immediate family. The Masonic service may be held in conjunction with a religious service and/or other service.  This is at the pleasure of the family, the only restriction being that the Masonic service, once started, must be completed without interruption for another service.

7.3 Discuss this with those responsible openly and frankly. It is highly recommended that you: (1) put your wishes in writing (see attachment 3), (2) give a copy to the person who will handle your affairs, and (3) place another copy with your will, insurance papers and other valuable documents so that your survivors can clearly comply with your expressed wishes.


1) In the event of sickness or injury of the Master Mason, please notify the secretary or other responsible officer of the Lodge, giving the nature of confinement, place of confinement (home or hospital), and special needs, such as blood donations, financial, etc.

2) In case of the death of the Master Mason, please notify the secretary or other responsible officer of the Lodge, giving the place, time and date of the funeral; attempt to locate the Master Mason’s white apron (Lambskin). If it is the family’s desire, request a Masonic Memorial Service, and request pall bearers from Lodge as needed.


Attachment #1



Brother John J. Doe
Daylight Lodge #760

Mrs. Jane Dow

Any Street

Louisville, Ky. 40219

Affiliation: O.E.S.

Birth Date:


Attachment #3
Name of Brother (print clearly)
Being a member of __________________________________________    Lodge No. _________

Request, at the time of my death, that the Lodge would provide a Masonic Memorial Service for me prior to the burial of either at my casket or urn. I would also like request Masonic Pall Bearers to be provided to help; for any and all occasions my family may need help with.

Yes No
Circle One
Surviving Children ______________________________________________________________

My family or next of kin have been informed of my request and have been given a copy of this form. They will do their utmost to see that my white Apron (lambskin) be preserved and given to one of the Officers of the Lodge, or Funeral Director for proper display during the Masonic Memorial Service. Further, it is my request that my Masonic Apron be buried with my remains.

Signed Brother _____________________________________________________ Date ________________
Lodge to make 2 copies One copy to remain with the Lodge records and one copy for the family
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