Past Masters of Daylight Lodge #760 F&AM

1904 Isaac T. Woodson 1947 John H. Ross 1990 Duane Johantgen
1905 David W. Gray 1948 D.P. Jones, Sr. 1991 Joe T. Vibbert
1906 David W. Gray 1949 Robert J. Thomas 1992 Heyden Wright
1907 John A. Gray 1950 James F. Polsgrove 1993 Walter Sipes
1908 T.R. Cartwell 1951 J.E. Jarvis 1994 Donald L. Dunlap
1909 Thomas E. Basham 1952 R.G. Wilson 1995 Duane Johantgen
1910 Lawrence S. Poston 1953 Stanley W. Crawley 1996 Donald L. Dunlap
1911 Charles S. Boden 1954 E.R. McDonald 1997 James E. Thompson
1912 William H. Hawes 1955 Arthur Korte 1998 Bobby G. Crouch
1913 Richard F. Dietzman 1956 E.W. Peterson 1999 Joe T. Vibbert
1914 Frank H. Mesmith 1957 Nicholas B. Hull, Sr. 2000 Joe T. Vibbert
1915 Alex Lewis 1958 Samuel Fleming 2001 Bobby G. Crouch
1916 Earl I. Seaman 1959 Richard S. Floyd, Sr. 2002 James W. Coleman
1917 A.S. Witmer 1960 Frank E. Haddad, Jr. 2003 Ronald A. Hendricks
1918 C.B. Schoppe 1961 Noble E. Schwoeppe 2004 Ernest J. Royal
1919 W. O. Quest 1962 Imond R. Ball 2005 James B. Wall
1920 Edgar Hawes, Sr. 1963 Harry Briggs 2006 Donald R. Bledsoe
1921 C.C. Dicken 1964 Frank E. Busby 2007 Paul E. Peck, Jr.
1922 Lawrence S. Grauman 1965 Neil C. Rupright 2008 Jeffery M. Fitzpatrick
1923 C. J. Johnson 1966 L.F. Lewis, Sr. 2009 Ernest J. Royal
1924 W. C. Hatfield 1967 George W. Schafer, Jr. 2010 Robert W. Bratcher
1925 Lawrence F. Grauman 1968 Harry Briggs 2011 James Coplan
1926 Frank A. Ropke 1969 L.F. Lewis, Sr. 2012 Ronald A. Hendricks
1927 Victor B. Lewis 1970 Gillie T. Treadway, Jr. 2013 Steven L. Freeman
1928 Harry Salxman 1971 Nicholas B. Hull, Jr. 2014 James B. Wall
1929 H.M. Reese 1972 C. Douglas Ramey 2015  
1930 Halbert Chastaine 1973 L.F. Lewis, Sr. 2016  
1931 Isaac Sherman 1974 Joe T. Vibbert 2017  
1932 Jacob T. Bernal 1975 Richard S. Floyd, Jr. 2018  
1933 John F. Bean 1976 Grant Martin 2019  
1934 Harry H. Ward 1977 Raymond Polsgrove 2020  
1935 Carl A. Morey 1978 A. Jack Martin, Sr. 2021  
1936 Martin L. DeGrave 1979 Pete Osborne 2022  
1937 Samual B. Joseph 1980 Jesse Riggs 2023  
1938 William J. Netherton 1981 Joe T. Vibbert 2024  
1939 Harry F. Poynter 1982 A. Jack Martin, Sr. 2025  
1940 Pete G. Stamon 1983 Bobby G. Crouch 2026  
1941 Harry F. Poynter 1984 Eugene B. Tucker 2027  
1942 E.D. Barnett 1985 Gillie T. Treadway, Jr. 2028  
1943 L.T. Ware 1986 Walter Sipes 2029  
1944 Byron H. Smith 1987 William H. Wright 2030  
1945 Gorden B. Winburn 1988 Grant Martin 2031  
1946 John V. Ward, Sr. 1989 Neil Rupright 2032  
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