Recipients of the
Daylight Lodge #760 F&AM
"Freemasonry Around the World Award"
 for 2005
Recipients of the Daylight Lodge #760 F&AM Award for
previous years can be found by clicking on the buttons below:
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Laborers of the Temple Lodge #81 F&AM
San Rafael, Mexico
Presented on 01/03/2005
Terre Haute Lodge #19 F&AM
Terre Haute, Indiana
Presented on 01/03/2005
Valley of Philadelphia A.A.S.R.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Presented on 01/03/2005
Lodge Burns Dundonald #1759 AF&AM
Dundonald, Scotland
Presented on 01/04/2005
René Guénon Lodge #76 F&AM
Lausanne, Switzerland
Presented on 01/10/2005
Hobart Lodge #198 AF&AM
Hobart, Oklahoma
Presented on 01/12/2005
Hempstead Lodge #749 AF&AM
Hempstead, Texas
Presented on 01/12/05
Small Town Texas Masons
Waller County, Texas
Presented on 01/12/05
Waller Masonic Lodge #808 AF&AM
Waller, Texas
Presented on 01/12/05
Bowen Lodge #240 F&AM
Eight Mile, Alabama
Presented on 01/15/2005
Hiram Abiff, the True King of Egypt
Sapulpa, Oklahoma
Presented on 01/25/2005
King Edward Lodge #93 AF&AM
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Presented on 01/26/2005
Lodge St. Andrew #518 AF&AM
New Pitsligo, Scotland
Presented on 02/07/2005
Medinah Mariners Shriner's Organization
Chicago, Illinois
Presented on 02/08/2005
Widow's Sons' Lodge #60 AF&AM
Charlottesville, Virginia
Presented on 02/08/2005
Crieff, Perthshire Scotland
Presented on 02/11/2005
Hinsdale Lodge #934 AF&AM
Hinsdale, Illinois
Presented on 02/12/2005
Summit Lodge #213 F&AM
Twinsburg, Ohio
Presented on 03/05/2005
Lodge Asoka #93 AF&AM
Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Presented on 03/22/2005
Hereford Lodge #177 F&AM
Wildwood Crest, New Jersey
Presented on 04/13/2005
Sinclair Lodge #154 AFM
Columbia, South Carolina
Presented on 04/24/2005
Corinthian Lodge #96 AF&AM
Barrie, Ontario, Canada
Presented on 05/31/2005
Nichols-West Asheville Lodge #650 AF&AM
Asheville, North Carolina
Presented on 06/05/2005
Seven Oaks Lodge U. D.
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Presented on 09/14/2005
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